The thoughts and musings of Ryan Thomas Hewitt

I have worked as a BA for 9 years (DWP, BBC, Ernst & Young, Infosys). I write about Agile techniques I’ve tried (e.g. 3 Amigos, How Might We’s, User Story Mapping). Certified CSM, CSPO, LSS, ITIL and PRINCE2.



Talks I’ve given:

  • Psychology and the BA (BA Europe Conference)
  • Implementing Hypothesis Driven Product Development (IIBA)
  • Improving user stories / user story smells (IIBA & DWP)
  • Overview of agile & impact mapping (CS Local Conference)
  • Gherkin and TDD for BAs (DWP)
  • User story mapping (DWP)
  • Making mission statements measurable (DWP)
  • An introduction to A/B and MVT testing (BBC)
  • 3 Amigos (DWP)
  • Impact mapping (AO)
  • BA role in the digital lifecycle (DWP)
  • The Marshmallow Challenge (DWP)
  • ‘How might we’ technique (BBC)
  • App store SEO (BBC)
  • User story basics & user story smells (Stockport Council)



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